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Bringing Back
the Sunshine
2014  $15.00


  1. Brining Back the Sunshine
  2. Neon Light
  3. Lonely Tonight (Ashley Monroe)
  4. Gonna
  5. A Girl
  6. Sangria
  7. Buzzin (RaeLynn)
  8. Just South of Heaven
  9. I Need My Girl
10. Good Country Song
11. Anyone Else
12. Just Gettin Started

Sep 30

Based on a
True Story
2013  $15.00


  1. Boy’s ‘Round Here
  2. Be Sure if You Did
  3. Do You Remember
  4. Small Town Big Time
  5. Country on the Radio
  6. My Eyes
  7. Doin’ What She Likes
  8. I Still Got a Finger
  9. Mine Would be You
10. Lay Low
11. Ten Times Crazier
12. Granddaddy’s Gun

Boy’s ‘Round Here

Yeh, the boys ‘round here
drink ice cold beer.
Talkin’ ‘bout girls, talkin’ ‘bout trucks.
Runnin’ them red dirt rowads out,
kickin’ up dust, the boys ‘round here.
Sending up a prayer to the Man upstairs.
Backwoods legit, don’t take no lip. 
Chew tobacco, chew tobacco,
chew tobacco, spit.

Red River Blue
2011  $15.00


  1. Honey Bee
  2. Ready to Roll
  3. God Gave Me You
  4. Get Some
  5. Drink it On
  6. Good Ole Boys
  7. I’m Sorry
  8. Sunny in Seattle
  9. Over
10. Hey
11. Red River Blue

Honey Bee

You’ll be my Louisiana
I’ll be your Mississippi
You’ll be my little Loretta
I’ll be your Conway Twitty
You’ll be my sugar baby
I’ll be your sweet ice tea
You’ll be my honeysuckle
 and I’ll be your honey bee

Pure BS
2007 $15.00


  1. This Can't Be Good
  2. Don't Make Me
  3. The More I Drink
  4. I Don't Care
  5. She Don't Love Me
  6. Back There Again
  7. It Ain't Easy Bein' Me
  8. What I Wouldn't Give
  9. I Have Been Lonely
10. She Can't Get That
11. The Last Country Song

The More I Drink

Man, if I have one, I’ll have thirteen, and
they can’t get me off the kareoke machine.
The more I drink ... the more I drink.


Bar & Grill
2004 $15.00


  1. Some Beach
  2. Nobody But Me
  3. Good Old Boy...
  4. Love Gets in the Way
  5. Goodbye Time
  6. Cotton Pickin’ Time
  7. What’s on My Mind
  8. When Somebody...
  9. On a Good Day
10. The Bartender
11. I Drink

Some Beach

Some beach, Somewhere,
there’s a big umbrella
casting shade over an empty chair.
Palm trees are growing and
a warm breeze is blowing.
I picture myself right there.
On some beach, somewhere.

Blake Shelton
2001  $15.00


  1. Every Time I Look...
  2. All Over Me
  3. She Doesn’t Know...
  4. Austin
  5. Ol’ Red
  6. I Thought There Was...
  7. Same Old Song
  8. That’s Why I Call Home
  9. Problems at Home
10. If I Was Your Man

Ol’ Red

And the warden sang;
Come on somebody why don’t you run,
ols red’s ichin’ to have a little fun.
Get my lantern, get my gun,
Red’ll have you treed
before the morning comes. 

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