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in the Truck
2014  $15.00


  1. Crushin It
  2. River Bank
  3. Perfect Storm
  4. High Life
  5. Moonshine in the Truck
  6. Shattered Classes
  7. Limes
  8. You Shouldn’t Have
  9. 4WP
10. Cover Girl
11. Gone Green
12. JFK 1962
13. American Flag on the Moon
14. Country Nation
15. Me and Jesus

River Bank

We got an inner tube,
we got a trailer hitch
We’re near the river
and far from rich
but we have each other
and gas in the tank
We’re laughing all the way
to the river bank

2013  $15.00


  1. Bon Voyage
  2. Southern Comfort Zone
  3. Beat this Summer
  4. Outstanding
  5. Pressing on a Bruise
  6. I Can’t Change the World
  7. Onryo
  8. Karate (Charlie Daniels)
  9. Death of a Married Man
10. Harvey Bodine
11. Tin Can on a String
12. Death of a Single Man
13. The Mona List
14. Accidental Racist
15. Runnaway Train
16. Those Crazy Christians
17. Officially Alive

Southern Comfort Zone

I wish I was in Dixie again
I miss my Tennessee home
I’ve been away too long
I can’t see this world unless I go
outside my Sothern Comfort Zone

This is
Country Music
2011  $15.00


  1. This is Country Music
  2. Old Alabama
  3. A Man Don’t Have to Die
  4. Camouflage
  5. Remind Me
  6. Workin on a Tan
  7. Love Her Like She’s leavin
  8. One of Those Lives
  9. Toothbrush
10. Be the Lake
11. Eastwood
12. New Favorate Memory
13. Don’t Drink the Water
14. I Do Now
15. Life’s Railway to Heaven

This is Country Music

It ain’t cool to sing about tractors, trucks,
little towns, and mama,
Yeah that might be true
but this is Country Music and we do

Saturday Nights
2009  $15.00


  1. American Saturday Night
  2. Everybody’s Hero
  3. Welcome to the Future
  4. Then
  5. Water
  6. She’s Her Own Woman
  7. Welcome to the Future
  8. Anything Like Me
  9. You do the Math
10. No
11. Catch all the Fish
12. Oh Yeah, You’re Gone
13. The Pants
14. I Hope That’s Me
15. Back to the Future


All you really need this time of year
is a pair of shades, icae cold beer,
and a place to sit somewhere, near water

5th Gear
2007  $15.00


  1. All I Wanted Was a Car
  2. Ticks
  3. Online
  4. Letter to Me
  5. I'm Still a Guy
  6. Some Mistakes
  7. It Did
  8. Mr Policeman
  9. If Love Was a Plane
10. Oh Love (Carrie Underwood)
11. Better Than This
12. With You, Without You
13. Previously
14. Bigger Fish to Fry
15. When We All Get to Heaven
16. Throttleneck (Instrumental)
17. Untitled
18. Untitled


I’d like to see you out in the moonlight
I’d like to kiss you baby
way back in the sticks
I’d like to walk you though
a field of flowers
And I’d like to check you for ticks

Time Well Wasted
2005  $15.00


  1. The World
  2. Alcohol
  3. Waitin’ on a Woman
  4. I’ll Take You Back
  5. She’s Everything
  6. You Need a Man...
  7. Out in the Parkin’ Lot
  8. Rainin’ You
  9. Flowers
10. Love is Never-Ending
11. The Uncloudy Day
12. When I get Where...
13. Easy Money
14. Time Warp
15. Time Well Waisted
16 Cornography
... Plus More

When I get Where I’m Goin (Dolly)

When I get where I’m going
and see my makers face
i’ll stand forever in the light
of His amazing Grace

Mud on theTires
2003  $15.00


  1. Mud on the Tires
  2. Celebrity
  3. Ain’t Nothin’ Like
  4. Little Moments
  5. That’s Love
  6. Somebody Knows You...
  7. Famous People
  8. Hold Me in Your Arms
  9. Whiskey Lullaby
10. The Best Thing...
11. The Cigar Song
12. Make a Mistake
13. Make a Mistake...
14. Is it Raining at ...
15. Spaghetti Western...
16. Father Along
17. Untitled

Mud on the Tires

it’s a good night to be out there
soakin up the moonlight
Stake out a little piece of shoreline
I’ve got the perfect place in mind
It’s in the middle of nowhere
Only one way to get there
You gotta get a little mud on the tires

Part II
Who Needs Pictures

2001 | I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishing Song)
1999 | We Danced

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