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Chris Young             < Previous Artist Next >               Sony RCA

2013  $15.00


  1. Aw Naw
  2. Hold You To It
  3. Lonely Eyes
  4. Goodbye
  5. AM
  6. Nothin but the Cooler Left
  7. Who I Am With You
  8. Text Me Texas
  9. We’re Gonna Find it Tonight
10. Forgiveness
11. Lighters in the Air

Aw Naw

It would be so wrong
if we didn’t dance one
Show off those jeans you painted on
Aw naw

2011  $15.00


  1. I Can Take it From Here
  2. Lost
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Save Water, Drink Beer
  5. Neon
  6. Old Love Feels New
  7. You
  8. Flashlight
  9. When She’s On
10. She’s Got this Thing About Her


No gets melike you when you kiss me
Girl, you rock me harder
than some downtown band
I thought I knew what love was
bu I didn’t have a clue
I never found anything that makes
me feel like I do about you

Chris Young The Man I Want to Be 2009
The man I
Want To Be
2009  $15.00


  1. That Makes Me
  2. Voices
  3. The Dashboard
  4. Gettin You Home
  5. It Takes a Man
  6. The Shoebox
  7. Rose in Paradise
  8. Twenty One Candles
  9. The Man I Want To Be
10. Rainy Night in Georgia


My daddy sayin, work that job
but don’t work your life away,
and momma tellin me to drop some cash
into the plate on Sunday

and granddad sayin, You can have a few
but don’t ever cross that line.
Yeah, I hear voices all the time

Chris Young 2006
Chris Young
2006  $15.00


  1. Beer or Gasoline
  2. You’re Gonna Love Me
  3. Drinkin Me Lonley
  4. White Lightning...
  5. Lay it on Me
  6. Burn
  7. Small Town Big Time
  8. Flowers
  9. Center of My World
10. I’m Headed Your Way
11. Who’s Gonna Take Me Home

You’re Gonna Love Me

If you like to slow dance
to ol’ Keith Whitley
Long Sunday drives out in the country
I’m your cup of tea
Girl, you’re gonna love me

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