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          Brad Mates - Mike Melancon - Danick Dupelle - Patrick Borque - David Pichette - Dale Wallace

2012  $15.00


  1. Let it Roll
  2. We Are This Town
  3. Love Hangover
  4. She Always Gets...
  5. Never a Good Day for Goodbye
  6. With You
  7. We Fit Together
  8. This is Our Time
  9. Alone Tonight
10. She’s My Kinda Crazy
11. Show Us Whatcha Got

She’s My Kinda Crazy

She’s my kind of Sunday drivin’
Rollin’ down the back roads
Hangin’ out the window
Ridin’ with her hair in the wind
and her hands in the sky
like she’s flyin’

2009  $15.00


  1. That Kind of Beautiful
  2. Believe
  3. Belongs to You
  4. I Love This Road
  5. Living it Up
  6. Your Last
  7. Life Down Here
  8. The Extra Mile
  9. Too Much
10. That Was Us

Belongs to You

Every smile that lights my face
Every teardrop, every trace
Every secret hidden place belongs to you
Anything that’s good in me,
all I ever hope to be
Every drop of dream belongs to you

2006  $15.00


  1. A Good Man
  2. Testify
  3. Moments
  4. Sweet Natural Girl
  5. You Still Own Me
  6. Lucky Man
  7. Everyday Woman
  8. Countrified Soul
  9. Painted Too Much of This Town
10. A Boy Becomes a Man
11. Devil Went Down to Georgia


I’ve had my moments,
days in the sun
Moments, I was second to none
Moments when I knew,
I sid what I thought I couldn’t do

What If?
2004  $15.00


  1. Last One Standing
  2. Lemonade
  3. If You Were My Girl
  4. What If?
  5. I’ll Die Trying
  6. November
  7. Fishin’ in the Dark
  8. You’re Like...
  9. Take it From Me
10.  Waitin’ On Me
11.  Running Back to You
12.  Simple Miracles
13.  Still Got Yesterday
14.  Rescued

Last One Standing

Through the wind and the rain
Through the laughter and pain,
count on me. And when life isn’t fair
And there’s nobody there, I will be

Emerson Drive
Walk the Tracks
Open Season

2002 | I Should Be Sleeping


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