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Do You Know Me
2002  $15.00

Hear a Sample

  1. Tear This Old House...
  2. Russellville
  3. Do You Know Me
  4. In My Dreams
  5. Ain’t Got Nothin’
  6. Same Train
  7. My Whisper
  8. Catch the Wind
  9. Passin’ Thru
10. Down to Love
11. Love Came Just in Time
12. From Where I Stand
13. Broken Things


Sometimes you got to get lost,
to find your way, to make your day.
and prayers that go unanswered,
will work out in the end.
You don’t know where your going,
til you know where you been.

Out on a Wire
1998  $15.00

Hear a Sample

  1. Show Me What Love Is
  2. Memphis
  3. Beyond the Moon
  4. Foolish Heart
  5. Out on a Wire
  6. Indiana Summer
  7. Union Mills
  8. Lonesome Tonight
  9. Testify
10. Carry Me
11. Trail of Tears
12. Mary Mary
13. Flowers in Her Garden
14. I’ll Still Believe in You

Show Me What Love Is

In the name of Light,
in the name of Peace,
in the name of Hope,
I will find my place.
In the name of Love,
I will live my life, out on the wire.

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