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Punching Bag
2012  $15.00


  1. Punching Bag (Intro)
  2. Punching Bag
  3. Time is Love
  4. Deeper Than My Love
  5. Good Problem
  6. Cold Shoulder
  7. Find Me a Baby
  8. Whatcha Reckon
  9. Pallbearer
10. For the Love of God
11. I Was There
12. Left Hand Man

Time is Love

Time is love, gotta run,
love to hang longer,
but I got someone who waits,
waits for me and right now,
she’s where I need to be
Time is love, gotta run

2010  $15.00


  1. Why Don’t We Just Dance
  2. I Wouldn’t Be a Man
  3. Haywire
  4. Your Smile
  5. Lovin You on My Mind
  6. As Fast as I Could
  7. I’ll Be There
  8. All Over Me
  9. Eye Candy
10. Friday Paycheck
11. The Answer


Haywire, she’s got me goin haywire
I’ll never get tired
Never seen a woman do what she can do
Inspired, she’s got my soul feelin
inspired and full of desire
She;s hotter than fire
she’s got me goin haywire

Everything is Fine
2007  $15.00


  1. Everything is Fine
  2. Firecracker
  3. Another Try
  4. So Not My Baby
  5. Trailorhood
  6. Baby I Go Crazy
  7. Nowhere Fast
  8. Longer the Waiting
  9. One Woman Man
10. Soulmate
11. Way He Was Raised
12. South Carolina Low Country

Everything is Fine

I make it a point to thank the Lord
when I got him on the line
I’m feeling good and everything is fine


Your Man
2006  $15.00


  1. Would You Go With Me
  2. Baby’s Gone Home...
  3. No Rush
  4. Your Man
  5. Loretta Lynn’s Lincoln
  6. White Noise
  7. Angels Fall Sometimes
  8. Lord Have Mercy...
  9. Gravity
10. Me and God
11. Way Down South

Me and God

I am weak and He is strong, me and God
He forgives me when I’m wrong,
me and God
He’s the on I lean on when life gets hard
me and God

Long Black Train
2003  $15.00


  1. Long Black Train
  2. In My Dreams
  3. What I Ain’t
  4. I Had One One Time
  5. Jacksonville
  6. Backwoods Boy
  7. Unburn All Our Bridges
  8. You Don’t Mess Around...
  9. She’ll Go on You
10. Good Woman Bad
11. The Difference...

Long Black Train

Cling to the Father and His Holy Name
and don’t go ridin on that long black train
Yeah, watch out brother for that
long black train.  The devil’s ridin
that long black train

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