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Dos Divas with
Lorrie Morgan
2013  $15.00


  1. I Am A Woman
  2. I Don’t Know What You Did...
  3. Dos Divas
  4. I’m Tired
  5. Last Night’s Make Up
  6. Ain’t Enough Roses
  7. Another Chance To
  8. Even The Stars
  9. That’s So Cool
10. Old Enough To Be Your Lover
11. Next Time It Rains
12. I Envy The Sun
13. Bless Their Hearts
14. What Was I Thinkin’

I Am A Woman (Mary Sue Englund)

I’m a promise, and I’m a prayer
I am faith, I am hope
I’m this pink ribbon that I wear
and I am brave,
no matter what you take away,
I am a woman

Greatest Hits
1997  $15.00


  1. Land Of The Living
  2. All The Good Ones Are Gone
  3. Don’t Tell Me What To Do
  4. Maybe It Was Memphis
  5. Shake The Sugar Tree
  6. Let That Pony Run
  7. Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial
  8. Spilled Perfume
  9. When You Walk In The Room
10. In Between Dances
11. Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)
12. A River And The Highway

Maybe It Was Memphis

Maybe it was Memphis
Maybe it was southern summer nights
Maybe it was you, maybe it was me,
but it sure felt right

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