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We Are Tonight
2013  $15.00


  1. Hey Girl
  2. Wingman
  3. One Way Ticket
  4. 23 Degrees and South
  5. We Are Tonight
  6. Hard to be a Hippie
  7. Closer Tonight
  8. Another Day Without You
  9. Banana Pancakes
10. Hallelujah

Hey Girl

You might think I’m crazy
Girl but who could blame me
You’re lookin so fine
got me all tounge tied
and the only line I can think to say is
Hey girl

Enjoy Yourself
2010  $15.00


  1. All Day Long
  2. Love Done Gone
  3. Pertty Good at Drinkin Beer
  4. Until you
  5. Like My Dog
  6. Perfect Day
  7. Let Me Down Easy
  8. Bad Day of Fishin
  9. Enjoy Yourself
10. Lil’ Ol’ Lonesome ...

Let Me Down Easy

If I fall, can ya let me down wasy
If I leave my heart with you tonight
Will you promise me
that you’re gonna treat it right
I’m barely hangin on, so if I call,
can you let me down easy

Little Bit of
2008  $15.00


  1. Swimmin in Sunshine
  2. Life and Love...
  3. Every Reason Not to Go
  4. Don’t
  5. People are Crazy
  6. Everything
  7. Walk On
  8. No One Has Eyes Like Yours
  9. That’s how Country Boys Roll
10. I Shall Return
11. Heal Me

People are Crazy

I dropped by today
just to say thanks and pray
I left a six pack right there on his grave
And I said God is great,
beer is good and
people are crazy

Doing Something
2005  $15.00


  1. I Wanna be a Hillbilly
  2. Good Directions
  3. Must be Doin Somethin Right
  4. Why, Why, Why
  5. That Changes Everything
  6. Little bit Lonely
  7. She’s Got a Way With Me
  8. Lucille
  9. Whole Lot More
10. Here I Am
11. She Knows What to Do...

Good Directions

When she stopped in and asked
ms bell for some of her sweet tea
Mama gave her a big ‘ol glass
and sent her right back here to me
Thank God for good directions
and turnip greens

Billy Currington

2003 | I Got a Feelin

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