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Change My Mind
2012  $15.00


  1. Change My Mind
  2. Once Again
  3. Hillbilly Heart
  4. Tomorrow Became Yesterday
  5. Good as Gone
  6. Forgot to Forget
  7. That’s What Daddys Do
  8. Hope is Just Ahead
  9. I’m so Miserable
10. Stomp

Hope is Just Ahead

Hope is just ahead
sorrow is just behind us
form what the Good Book said
the Truth will never blind us
who’s to say I wish I find
I guess I grew for sure in time
“til them let’skeep the dream in
for sure their hope is just ahead

Billy Ray Cyrus 2011 Im American
In America
2011  $15.00


  1. Runway Lights
  2. We Fought Hard
  3. Keep the Light On
  4. Stripes and Stars
  5. I’m American
  6. Old Army Hat
  7. Nineteen
  8. Some Gave All
(Worley, Morgan, & Johnson)

Some Gave All

All gave some and some gave all
and some stood through for the
Red, White, and, Blue
And some had to fail
And if you ever think of me
Think of all your liberties and recall
Some gave all

Back to TN
2009  $15.00


  1. Back to TN
  2. Thrillbilly
  3. He’s Mine
  4. Somebody Said a Prayer
  5. A Good Day
  6. I Could be the One
  7. Like Nothing Else
  8. Country as Country Can Be
  9. Love is a Lesson
10. Give it to Somebody
11. Butterfly Fly Away (Miley)

Somebody Said a Prayer

Somebody said a prayer
Somebody had some faith
Somebody hit their knees
and asked for help for heven’s sake
Somebody found somebody
who actually cares
Somebody said a prayer

Billy Ray Cyrus 2007 Home at Last
Home at Last
2007  $15.00


  1. Ready, Set, Don't Go
  2. The Beginning
  3. The Buffalo
  4. Flying by
  5. Brown Eyed Girl
  6. Don’t Give Up On Me
  7. You’ve Got a Friend
  8. You Can’t Lose Me
  9. Can’t Live Withndout Your Love
10. My Everything
11. Put a Little Love In Your Heart
12. Over the Rainbow
13. Stand
14. Ready Set Don’t Go (Miley)

Ready, Set, Don't Go

She’s at the startin’ line
of the rest of her life.
Got the hunger and the stars in her eyes.
The prise is hers to win.
She’s waiting on my blessing
before she hits that open road.
Baby get ready, get set, don’t go.

Billy Ray Cyrus 2006 Wanna be Your Joe
Wanna Be
Your Joe
2006  $15.00


  1. Wanna Be Your Joe
  2. I Want My Mullet Back
  3. The Man
  4. I Wouldn’t Be Me
  5. What About us
  6. Country Music has the Blues
  7. The Freebird Fell
  8. I Wonder
  9. Lonely Wins
10. How’ve Ya Been
11. Ole What’s Her Name
12. Hey Daddy
13. Stand

Wanna Be Your Joe

Let me be your Joe.
I just wanna love you
and watch our babies grow.
I may not be no millionaire
but I want you to know
I wanna be your Joe

The Other Side
2003  $15.00


  1. Face of God
  2. Wouldn’t You...
  3. Always Sixteen
  4. I Need You Now
  5. Love Has No Walls
  6. Tip of My Heart
  7. Did I Forget to Pray
  8. Holding On to a Dream
  9. I Love You This Much
10. The Other Side
11. Amazing Grace

Face of God

Maybe I’m looking at the face of God.
Makes me think,
maybe I’m looking at the face of God,
and he’s smiling back at me.

Billy Ray Cyrus 2003 Time Flies
Time Flies
2003 $15.00


  1. What Else Is There
  2. Bread Alone
  3. The Way It Is
  4. She Don’t Love Me
  5. Time Flies
  6. I Luv Ya
  7. I Still Believe
  8. Without You
  9. Hard to Leave
10. Nobody
11. Tell Me
12. Close to Gone
13. Stand Still
14. Back to Memphis
15. Some Gave All

Back to Memphis

When I make it back to Memphis
I gonna take you in my arms
and never let you go
And girl I promise you a kiss
for everyday we’ve missed
‘til I make it back to memphis

Southern Rain
Shot Full of Love
Trail of Tears
Storm in Heartland
It Won’t be the Last
 Some Gave All

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