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          Kimberly Roads - Karen Fairchild - Jimi Westbrook - Phillip Sweet

Pain Killer
2014  $15.00


  1. Quit Breaking Up With Me
  2. Day Drinking
  3. Tumble and Fall
  4. Pain Killer
  5. Girl Crush
  6. Faster Gun
  7. Good People
  8. Stay All Night
  9. Save Your Sin
10. Live Forever
11. Things You Don’t Think About
12. Turn the Lights On
13. Silver and Gold

Oct 21

2012  $15.00


  1. Pavement Ends
  2. Pontoon
  3. Sober
  4. Front Porch Thing
  5. Your Side of the Bed
  6. Leavin’ in Your Eyes
  7. Tornado
  8. On Fire Tonight
  9. Can’t Go back
10. Self Made
11. Night Owl 


Thought you’d change the weather
Start a little storm. Make a little rain.
But I’m gonna do one better,
hide the sun until you pray.
I’m a tornado, Looking for a soul to take

The Reason Why
2010  $15.00


  1. The Reason Why
  2. Runaway Train
  3. Kiss Goodbye
  4. Shut Up Train
  5. Why, Oh Why
  6. Little White Church
  7. You Can’t Have Everything
  8. All the Way Down
  9. All Over Again
10. Rain on a Tin Roof
11. Life Rolls On
12. Lean Into It

Little White Church

No more callin me baby.
No more lovin like crazy
‘til you take me down,
you better take me down,
take me down to the little white church

Little Big Town 2007 A Place to Land
A Place to Land
2007  $15.00

  1. Fine Line
  2. I’m With the Band
  3. That’s Where I’ll be
  4. Evangeline
  5. Vapor
  6. Novocaine
  7. Only What You Make of It
  8. A Place to Land
  9. Firebird Fly
10. To Know Love
11. Lonely Enough
12. Fury
13. Good Lord Willing
14. Love Profound
15. You’re Gonna Love Me
16. Life ina Northern Town

Fine Line

Baby, it’s a fine line,
I’m holding on, you’re holding back
Baby, it’s a fine line,
can’t you hear me knockin at your door
But you’re takin your sweet time
in love and out of touch
Baby, it’s a fine line,
Hey baby, it’s a real fine line

The Road
to Here
2005  $15.00


  1. Good as Gone
  2. Boondocks
  3. Bones
  4. Bring it on Home
  5. Wounded
  6. A Little More of You
  7. Live With Lonesome
  8. Mean Streak
  9. Looking for a Reason
10. Lost
11. Welcome to the Family
12. Fine With Me
13. Stay (Acoustic)

Bring it on Home

When your long day is over
and you can barely drag your feet
the weight of the world is on your shoulders
i know what you need,
bring it on home to me

Little Big Twon

2002 | Don’t waste my time, Everything Changes

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