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          Dean Sams  - Richie McDonald - Michael Britt - Keech Rainwater (John Rich - Cody Collins)

Life as we
know it
2013  $15.00


  1. The Countdown
  2. Maybe Someday
  3. How Can She be Everywhere
  4. Pretty Good Day
  5. With My Eyes Open
  6. Party All Day
  7. Life as We Know It
  8. If it Wasn’t for You
  9. I Miss When
10. I Did it for the Girl
11. Just the Rain
12. Oh Yeah

Pretty Good Day

It’s a pretty good day when you read
the sports page, and your team is winning
Then you scan the obituaries and
your name ain’t in em
It’s a pretty good day when you get to
complain that the sun isn’t shinning,
but youu put your shades on anyway,
‘cause you know there’s a silver linning

Party Hear
Around the World
2010  $15.00


  1. Beat
  2. Live, Laugh, and Love
  3. She Wants What She Wants
  4. You’re the Reason Why
  5. Y.O.U.
  6. Making Memories
  7. The Future
  8. Goodbye is Goodbye
  9. Let Me Love You
10. Party Heard Around the World

You’re the Reason Why

It only took one taste of your kiss
and now I know everything I missed
My heart is beating for the first time
Anticipating your every touch
intoxicating me with your love
I’m so high and you’re the reason why

2006  $15.00


  1. Mountains
  2. Nothing to Prove
  3. Long Lost Smile
  4. Thought It Was You
  5. Hey God
  6. I Wanna Do It for You
  7. Cowboy Girl
  8. What She Had To
  9. One of Those Nights
10. Careful Where You Kiss Me
11. Always in the Band


Walkin’s easier when the road is flat
‘Em danged ‘ol heals’ll get you every time
Yeh, the Good Lord gave us mountains
so we could learn how to climb

Coming Home
2005  $15.00


  1. You’re Like Coming Home
  2. Doghouse
  3. I am a Man
  4. I’ll Die Tryin’
  5. Wild
  6. Noise
  7. Little Town
  8. I Never Needed You
  9. What’s Wrong with That
10. Two Bottles of Beer
11. I Just Want You...
12. When I Go Home Again

You’re Like Coming Home

You’re like a Sunday morn,
pleasin’ my eyes
You’re a mid summer’s dream,
under a star soaked sky
The peaceful easy feeling,
at the end of a long, long road
you’re like coming home

Let’s Be
Us Again
2004  $15.00


  1. County Fair
  2. Class Reunion
  3. Let's Be Us Again
  4. That Gets Me
  5. Women Rule The World
  6. What I Miss The Most
  7. Let Them Be Little
  8. T.G.I.F.
  9. Summertime
10. Now
11. Mr. Mom
12. From There To Here
13. Somebody's Someone

Mr. Mom

There’s bubble gum in the baby’s chair
sweet potatoes in my lazy chair
Been crazy all day long,
and it’s only Monday, Mr Mom

I’m Already There
Lonely Grill
Crazy Nights

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